Dented Clothing was conceived in Liverpool (UK), a capital of culture filled with soul, vibrancy and its people’s love of a good time. The inspiration for our T-shirt logo character, Dent’ Ed, has come directly from the city’s heart and outlook on life. Liverpool’s people, nightlife and street art have been thrown into the mix and have given rise to a character who sees the best in every situation and keeps the party alive. Dent’ Ed appeals to the brave inner self in us all who may need a nudge from time to time albeit through Dutch courage. Life’s too short not to go out and enjoy yourself, to dance at that wedding, to ask that fine looking woman (or man!) for their number, to say yes to that first date or to accept the challenge of downing three Sambuca’s whilst wresting a wild boar wearing stiletto’s (you, not the boar!). So go on…take the plunge!